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Mortgage interest rates

A variable-rate mortgage, adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), or tracker mortgage is a mortgage loan with the interest rate on the note periodically adjusted...

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Adjustable-rate mortgage

A variable-rate mortgage, adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), or tracker mortgage is a mortgage loan with the interest rate on the note periodically adjusted

Fixed-rate mortgage

inflation that lowers interest rates. Fixed-rate mortgages usually charge higher interest rates than those with adjustable rates. According to scholars

Mortgage calculator

 1281–83  The major variables in a mortgage calculation include loan principal, balance, periodic compound interest rate, number of payments per year, total


setting the cost of a mortgage loan (fixed at a set interest rate for the term, or variable relative to market interest rates), there are variations

Second mortgage

type of loan, interest rates charged on the second mortgage may be fixed or varied throughout the loan term. In general, second mortgages are subject to

Mortgage-backed security

international in scope and regionally diversified. Mortgage-backed securities helped move interest rates out of the banking sector and facilitated greater

Interest rate insurance

Interest rate insurance protects the holder of a variable rate mortgage or loan from rising interest rates. It is generally offered independently of the

Interest-only loan

unchanged during the interest-only period. At the end of the interest-only term the borrower must renegotiate another interest-only mortgage, pay the principal

Interest rate

lent, deposited, or borrowed. The annual interest rate is the rate over a period of one year. Other interest rates apply over different periods, such as

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