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The Hollywood Reporter

Drama Actors Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Evan Peters, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris & More

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Hollywood Reporter
Spies, Killers and Internet Daddies: Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin and the THR Drama Actor Roundtable
4 months ago
Kieran Culkin Takes Over Roundtable With Pedro Pascal
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I Could Watch These Six Actors Talking to Each Other for the Rest of ...
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Watch THR’s Comedy, Drama and Reality Roundtables With Pedro Pascal, Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Coolidge and More
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Pedro Pascal got eye infection from fans taking selfies re
4 months ago
New York Post
Pedro Pascal: 'I am having fun with' being 'the internet's daddy'
4 months ago
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23 Likely Emmy Nominees on Their Awkward, Touching and Utterly Repulsive Fan Interactions
3 months ago
Bounding Into Comics
'Snowfall' Actor Damson Idris Claims He Was Demonically ...
4 months ago
The Independent
Pedro Pascal let fans put their fingers in his eyes, until he regretted it
4 months ago
Woburn Daily Times
Pedro Pascal locked out of exhibition themed on himself!
2 months ago
Yahoo Lifestyle UK
Emilia Clarke 'avoiding' watching House of the Dragon
8 months ago
Rock & Pop
Pedro Pascal y Evan Peters se unen en entrevista de los mejores actores del año
4 months ago
CNN Brasil
Entenda como é infecção nos olhos que afetou Pedro Pascal e ...
4 months ago
Revista Velvet
¿Querrá Pedro Pascal convertirse en un “real daddy”? Esta fue su ...
4 months ago
Cultura Geek
Pedro Pascal reveló que tuvo una infección de ojos por dejar que varios fans “le intenten sacar los ojos como en Game of Thrones”
4 months ago


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