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🗽 Places

January 2024



Events, Holiday, Places, Society

Chinese New Year




Australia Day



Events, News, Places, Society

Fire at the Kiss nightclub (Brazil)

The Kiss nightclub fire was a tragedy that killed 242 people and injured 636 others at the Kiss nightclub, located in the city of Santa Maria, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The tragedy occurred in the early hours of January 27th, 2013.

28/01 29/01


Events, Music, Places, Society

Salvador Summer Festival

February 2024

07/02 11/02


Events, Music, Places

Sanremo Festival

10/02 15/02


Events, Fashion, Places

New York Fashion Week

18/02 26/02


Events, Places, Sports

Rio Open



Diversity, Events, Places

Mardi Gras

22/02 24/09


Places, Soccer, Sports

Brazil's Cup

27/02 02/03


Business, Events, Places, Technology

Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC)

March 2024



Events, Holiday, Places

Rio de Janeiro's Anniversary

07/03 08/03


Diversity, Events, Places

Holi (Indian Festival)



Events, Holiday, Places

Recife's (Pernambuco) Anniversary



Holiday, Places, Religion, Society

Saint Patrick's Day



Events, Holiday, Places

Florianópolis (Santa Catarina) Anniversary



Events, Holiday, Places

Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) Anniversary



Events, Holiday, Places

Curitiba (Paraná) Anniversary



Events, Holiday, Places

Salvador (Bahia) Anniversary

May 2024



Events, Places, Sports

Miami GP

09/05 13/05


Entertainment, Movies / TV Shows, Music, Places

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

June 2024

30/06 02/07


Events, Places, Society

Parintins Festival 2023 (Brazil)

July 2024

01/07 23/07


Events, Places, Sports

Tour de France

August 2024

03/08 06/08


Entertainment, Events, Music, Places

Lollapalooza (US)

17/08 27/08


Events, Places, Society

Peão de Barretos Party 2023

29/08 11/09


Events, Places, Sports

US Open

September 2024

15/09 15/10


Diversity, Places, Society

Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month

October 2024



Diversity, Events, Fashion, Food / Drinks, Music, Places, Society

Northeastern People Day (Brazil)

Northeastern People Day is celebrated in Brazil every year on October 8th. This date honors northeastern culture and folk music typical of the northeast region of Brazil. The Northeastern people are a great treasure of national culture, one of the greatest traits of Brazilian identity. The Northeast of Brazil is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, gastronomy, crafts, music and dances that attract tourists from all over the world.



Events, Places, Sports




Events, Places, Soccer, Sports

South American Cup Finals

November 2024



Events, Places, Sports

GP of São Paulo



Events, Places, Soccer, Sports

2023 Copa Libertadores de America's Finals



Events, Places, Sports

Las Vegas GP

December 2024



Events, Places, Politics, Society

Creation of the United Arab Emirates

Creation of the United Arab Emirates, by the meeting of seven Arab monarchies from the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Qaiwain, Fujairah and, later in 1972, Ras al-Khaimah.



Events, Places, Society

Discovery of São Domingos Island

Discovery of Santo Domingo Island (also called Hispaniola or Española) by Christopher Columbus, currently divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.



Places, Society

Brasilia (Brazil) was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity

A landmark of modern architecture and urbanism, Brasília holds the largest listed area in the world – 112.25 km² – and was inscribed by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage properties on December 7, 1987, being the only contemporary property to deserve this distinction. .



Events, News, People, Places, Society

Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor

Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor, in the Church of Notre Dame in Paris.



Economy, Events, Places, Shopping

The 1st motel in the world

The Milestone Mo-tel, or Motel Inn of San Luis Obispo, is widely recognized as the world's first motel in history, located in California, in the United States. It opened in 1925, and closed in 1991.

It is important to emphasize that motels have a very different concept in the United States in relation to Latin America, for example. In the country, it is a more economical alternative to hotels and is usually located on the side of roads and highways. Meanwhile, in other countries they are adults-only accommodation options in a more romantic context.



Events, Places, Politics, Society

New Zealand's discover

The Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, on December 13, 1642, discovers New Zealand in the service of the Dutch East India Company.



Events, Health, Places, Sports

São Silvestre International Race (Brazil)

Data Moment Região Relevância Feriado Recorrência
22/01 🇨🇳   Chinese New Year World X X
26/01 🇦🇺   Australia Day World X
27/01 🕯   Fire at the Kiss nightclub (Brazil) Brazil X
28/01 🥁   Salvador Summer Festival Brazil
07/02 🎵   Sanremo Festival World
10/02 👠   New York Fashion Week World X
18/02 🎾   Rio Open World X
21/02 🎭   Mardi Gras World X
22/02 ⚽️   Brazil's Cup Brazil
27/02 📱   Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC) World
01/03 🏖   Rio de Janeiro's Anniversary World X X
07/03 🎨   Holi (Indian Festival) World X
12/03 🏝   Recife's (Pernambuco) Anniversary Brazil X X
17/03 ☘️   Saint Patrick's Day World X X
23/03 🏝   Florianópolis (Santa Catarina) Anniversary Brazil X X
26/03 🏙   Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) Anniversary Brazil X X
29/03 🏘   Curitiba (Paraná) Anniversary Brazil X X
29/03 🌴   Salvador (Bahia) Anniversary Brazil X X
07/05 🏎   Miami GP World
09/05 🎤   Eurovision Song Contest 2022 World
30/06 🐂   Parintins Festival 2023 (Brazil) Brazil
01/07 🚴🏻   Tour de France World X
03/08 🎸   Lollapalooza (US) World
17/08 🤠   Peão de Barretos Party 2023 Brazil
29/08 🎾   US Open World
15/09 🇪🇸   Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month World X
08/10 🌵   Northeastern People Day (Brazil) Brazil X
22/10 🏎   US GP World
28/10 ⚽️   South American Cup Finals World X
05/11 🏎   GP of São Paulo World
11/11 ⚽️   2023 Copa Libertadores de America's Finals World X
18/11 🏎   Las Vegas GP World
02/12 🇦🇪   Creation of the United Arab Emirates World X
06/12 🏝   Discovery of São Domingos Island Latin America X
07/12 🇺🇳   Brasilia (Brazil) was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity Brazil X
08/12 🇫🇷   Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor World X
12/12 💤   The 1st motel in the world World X
13/12 🇳🇿   New Zealand's discover World X
31/12 🏃🏾‍♀️   São Silvestre International Race (Brazil) World

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